2024 RV Big Book

HARDWARE Screen Door Accessories, Slide Locks, Floor Protectors SCREEN DOOR REPAIRS 69-9818 1201C Screen Tool, 1/16" 23-0921 1202C Screen Tool, 5/32”, Black 14-9991 59-10 Screen Tool, 5/32", Blue 69-7378 309CBLKSpline, 9/64" x 20', Charcoal 14-9993 66-8B Spline, 9/64" x 1000', Black 69-9820 311CBLKSpline, 11/64" x 20', Charcoal 69-7382 69-61-7 Screen, 36"W x 7'L, Charcoal 69-9822 69-61 Screen, 36"W x 100'L, Charcoal The 7’ fiberglass roll covers two average size windows or one screen door. 18” x 16” mesh, .011 diameter. Use convex nylon roller end to roll screen into slot of screen frame. Use concave nylon roller end to roll plastic spline into place. Use round spline to install door screens. Single bar style and adjustable from 21” L to 28 3/4” L. Aluminum bar features UV resistant ABS handle and includes mounting hardware. 18-2703 400000 White 18-2704 400001 Black Replaces slides for Elixir screen doors. Easy to replace: no tools required. Exact OEM replacement. 12-1/8”H x 10-3/4”W. 20-0153 A77016 E Series, Black 20-0152 A77015 E Series, Ivory 20-0151 A77014 E Series, White Use with P Series screen door slides. Replaces Philip’s, Creation and other brand handles similar in appearance. Exact OEM replacement. 20-0136 A77027 P Series, Smoke 20-0134 A77025 P Series, Black 20-0132 A77023 P Series, White E SERIES SCREEN DOOR SLIDES SCREEN DOOR PUSH BARS SCREEN DOOR HANDLES 69-9759 T525 Latch SCREEN DOOR LATCH Amerimax screen door lever latch. Black. Philips lever latch. Black. SCREEN DOOR LEVER LATCH HANDLES 69-9819 69-7373 17-166LHBC 3-7/16” Hole Centers, LH 69-9819 17166RHBC 3-7/16” Hole Centers, RH 20-0377 20-0376 17-180LHBC 2-5/16”, LH 20-0377 17-180RHBC 2-5/16”, RH SLIDE LOCKS 15-0482 SL-2444-1C Slide Lock, 24” - 44” 15-0480 SL-1323-1C Slide Lock, 13” - 23” 15-0481 SL-1734-1C Slide Lock, 17” - 34” SLIDEOUT FLOOR PROTECTOR Protects floors and carpets below your slideout room from rain, dirt and wear. 40”L x 12”W. 04-0055 134993 2/box ® • Prevents damage to hard surfaces • Durable PVC coating • Rubber foam backed to prevent sleds from sliding • Long lasting and reusable • 2 sleds per package 20-2114 013-4300 SLIDE-OUT SLEDS (PAIR) Arrive at your destination with the confidence that your RV will be clean and dry. Maintain the integrity of the external water and dust seal on your slideout while traveling. No greasy parts. 02-3506 028102D-10 (10 pack) 02-3505 028102D-AFT (2 pack) SLIDE OUT SKIS Protect the floor below from wear, tear and stickiness with Slide Out Skis. This universal set of skis are designed to give the slide out that smooth easy glide that it had when it was new and are manufactured with a super strong synthetic material that is designed especially for this rigorous application. TriMark’s metal replacement latch for plastic screen door latches. Right hand, low gloss black. P SERIES SCREEN DOOR SLIDES Replaces slides for Philip’s, Creation and other brands similar in appearance. No tools needed. Exact OEM replacement. 11-11/16”H x 11-7/8”W. 20-0157 A77020 P Series, Black 20-0156 A77019 P Series, Ivory 20-0155 A77018 P Series, White 20-0159 A77022 P Series, Smoke 06-23