2024 RV Big Book

HARDWARE Towable Squeeze Latch, Bluetooth Lock Bauer Towable Squeeze Latch n Direct OEM Replacement n Upgrades Existing Entrance Door Latch n Offers ease of use for Individuals With Large Hands, Manicured Nails, Arthritic Hands n Uses Same Hole Pattern as Most Paddle Style Handles n Easily Replaced With Phillips Screwdriver From Inside Coach n Hardware and Keys Included Bauer Towable Squeeze Latch 68-0177 013-521 Squeeze Latch - Black Bauer Bluetooth® Locks • Retrofittable in most RV entry doors and easy to install • Close Field Technology allows paired device to activate lock • Pair up to 6 devices, 2 can be active at same time • Can be Key’d-A-Like with other Bauer locks • Fits into a 2-3/4” x 3-3/4” opening • Lock/unlock deadbolt with phone App when in Bluetooth® range • Self contained power with 4 AA batteries (Comes with 4 Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries - recommended) • Keeps track of locking/unlocking history • Programmable with 4-digit PIN number 02-0136 013-5091 Bluetooth® Towable Lock - RH 07-8050 013-5301 Bluetooth® Towable Lock - LH FREE App for your Smartphone! Entrance door handle with Close Field Technology that allows lock to be unlocked by having a paired device in close proximity... just push one button! 02-0136 Bauer Bluetooth® Electric Towable Lock 06-27