2024 RV Big Book

HARDWARE Catches, Door Hardware, Dent Vents, Cam Locks , Keys DECKER DOOR LOCK CAM LOCKS No need to fetch or hunt down your compartment keys. Enjoy convenient, keyless access to all your RV toys. Metal combination cam lock replaces all RV compartment cam locks. 1,000 possible combinations. Easy to reset. 1 year warranty. 20-0360 7850R-S 5/8”, Chrome 20-0361 7850R-M 7/8”, Chrome 20-0363 7850R-L 1-1/8”, Chrome 20-0372 7850R-S-Black 5/8”, Black 20-0373 7850R-M-Black 7/8”, Black 20-0365 7850R-L-Black 1-1/8”, Black 20-0366 7850R-XL 1-3/8”, Chrome DOOR BUMPER CATCH Bumper with offset adapter bracket. 1/card. 20-0656 013-147 2-5/8” Bumper Catch ENGLISH STYLE ADJUSTABLE HINGES Repair small RV body damages easily and economically! Comes complete with a sturdy ABS vent, color matched screws and butyl tape, everything you need for a simple cosmetic repair. Works on all types of RV siding materials, fiberglass or aluminum. If your damage is larger, simply mix and match Dent Vents to cover the damaged area. 22-3550 DV35B 3” x 5”, Black 22-3551 DV35W 3” x 5”, White 22-3554 DV55B 5” x 5”, Black 22-3555 DV55W 5” x 5”, White 22-3552 DV510B 5” x 10”, Black 22-3553 DV510W 5” x 10”, White 20-0516 D0301-00 Bullet Latch Easy one-hand operation. Eliminates roller catches and magnets. Does not work on Avion, Winnebago or Airstream doors. BULLET LATCH 20-0202 1042 Lock/Latch 20-0200 1040B-112 1-1/2” Lock Keyed entry steel door lock with lever handle is selftightening under vibration. Requires no slamming to secure door. Fits all doors of any thickness. DENT VENTS BULLDOG CATCH Replacement friction door catch used by many manufacturers. 20-0511 013-037-1Bulldog Catch POSITIVE CATCHES Lateral adjustment knob can be used if backplate is used with knob. Order next larger size catch. 2-1/4”L x 7/8”W x 1-1/2”H. Antique brass knob not included. Includes screws. 20-0526 013-022-1 Catch, 1” thick 20-0527 013-028-1 Catch, 3/4” thick 20-0528 013-024-1 Catch, 5/8” thick 20-0529 013-025-1 Catch, 7/8” thick 20-0504 013-006-1Double Roller Catch With strike self-adjusting. Zinc plated finish. STANDARD DOUBLE ROLLER CATCH REPLACEMENT KEY 20-0199 A524VP Replacement Key Replacement 751 keys for Valterra Cam Locks. 69-8044 43610-09-SP White Lock 69-8042 43610-00-SP Chrome Lock 69-8047 60000-10 Strike Plate Built-in deadbolt provides extra security. Fastec style can be used on travel trailers, cargo haulers, horse trailers or custom utility trailers. Fits door thicknesses from 1-1/4” to 1-1/2”. Durable zinc die-cast. Includes door edge cover plate, strike plate and mounting screws. TRAVEL TRAILER LOCKS Used for many specialty cabinet applications. 20-0530 013-053 Adjustable Hinges, 2/bag 06-30